Top 5 Best Museum in Singapore

A museum is like an institution that takes a collection of old art and objects of different culture, historical or scientific importance. The museum varying the aim, ranging from serving researches & specialists to general public. When you come to the museum, there is a lot diversity and a broad spectrum of funky collections, toys & more. A wide range of different museum that you will definitely be able to find a museum according to your interest. Singapore has art museum, national museum, science museum, children’s museum & many more. Here is a list of top museums to honor the art & exhibit the visitors.

top 5 museum singapore

National Museum of Singapore: – The museum is the largest museum on the Island, the only place to learn about the history & culture of Singapore. The museum has 2 main galleries – Singapore History Gallery & living gallery includes facilities like F&B, retail & research center that tells the intriguing history of the country. The museum organises range of events from art installation, festivals to performances & film screening and focuses on the 4 lifestyle themes – food, fashion, photography & film.

Trick Eye Museum: – A museum for the 3 Dimensional creative arts like painting on walls, floors, ceiling appears to pop-out of the surface. The amazing attractions of the museum that force you to touch the scenery & click pictures in your camera. The 3D art gives a embraceable experience of optical illusion painting, installations which will boggle your mind. The trick eye museum is globally recognized for its art techniques where major art works are created, Experience the mind blowing the tricky painting & sculptures await you at the peak of Hong- Kong.

Asian Civilization Museum: – The Museum is one of the best attraction located right next to Singapore River. A fantastic museum that display the Asian culture & tribes, has vast collection of artifacts of our forefathers displaying an exchange of cultures spreads the religion between civilizations. To enhance your experience find a wide range of traditional jewelries, ancient books & sculpture.

Singapore Art Museum: – The art museum provides a fresh experience of your every time visit to appreciate the history behind the art. A trip to wonderful journey, passion & interest that shows its art over multiple galleries, converted from old classroom to mission school chapel. Having a fantastic collection of contemporary art work.

Mint Museum of Toys: – A short walk from art museum as well as national museum on tiny seah street right from the famous raffles hotel. The museum is a nicest family attraction that thousands of nostalgic toys including Micky mouse & Donald duck. Impressive collection of toys like iPad & iPhone surely builds out your inner child.

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