Top Things To Know About Singapore

Singapore is the smallest, richest & fabulous country in the Southeast Asia which allows visitors to witness the untouched excellence that lies in the heart of Singapore. A day in Singapore is loaded with unlimited fun that gives you a chance to experience adventure. In the past, it used to be a fishing village but nowadays Singapore has been a beautiful Island, a great place to enjoy the nightlife, thrilling rides & amazing attractions. Singapore package comprises of exotic beaches, amazing sights, mouth-watering cuisine & adventure sports. A chance to explore the city passing by The Merlion, Marina Bay, Garden by the Bay, museum & much more. There is so much to do in Singapore from attraction to adventure sports – the thrilling experience to fill you with lots of fun. Galaxy tourism offers you an opportunity to explore the old charm as well as new attractions of Singapore.


Shopping and Eating:

A wide variety of shopping and eating options are available at the best tourist destination which includes many attractions for visitors to roam around. Grand shopping malls, restaurants, rich heritage & culture welcomes you with immense warmth & hospitality. Chinatown and Little India give a glimpse of the culture, religion, language and also festivals of the different religions. Singapore has a wide variety of restaurants for visitors to enjoy internationally delicious cuisines. Quality & hygiene food is served to the customers with proper cleanliness.


Best Places to Shop in Singapore

Wildlife Calling:

Singapore packages are also designed to enjoy the wildlife, come across the different species & dine with them. The major tourist spot is a home for many wildlife creatures that make visitors able to mingle with wildlife without any visible barrier at Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park & night safari. You will find different wild animals, many colorful birds, fish and also penguins. Largest waterfall in the world is designed at Jurong Bird Park. In Singapore Zoo, visitors can swim with pink Dolphins to touch their velvety wings & also can dive with the sharks. It gives pleasant & wonderful experience to visitors to enjoy and dine with them. A really fun at night safari gives invigorating experience to them.


Best Adventure Activities in Singapore

Sentosa Island:

Sentosa Island is a best man-made Island designed in Singapore. While visiting in Singapore, the tour will be incomplete without visiting the beautiful attractions of Singapore. It will be excited to enjoy at Sentosa Island’s amazing attraction, a really fun for young as well as for kids. The Island is a home for pristine beaches which are extremely beautiful and offers a wide variety of adventurous activities includes para jumping, climb max, Reverse Bungy, water skiing & water sports. Statue of Singapore is built on “THE Merlion” park, with the head of a lion and body of a fish is the major attraction of Singapore. On Sentosa Island, visitors enjoy to visit the biggest attractions and also adventurous activities.


Singapore Tour Packages

Other Popular Attractions:

Singapore has a variety of amazing sight-seeing and also fun filled activities to attract millions of visitors to have a great time there. Singapore flyer to Marina Bay Singapore has a lot to explore. Theme Parks, Gardens, Old Temples & Adventure Parks presents a panoramic view of the city.


The major attractions of Singapore includes:

  • Singapore Zoo
  • Mega Zip Adventure Park
  • The Merlion Park
  • Sentosa Island
  • Jurong Bird Park
  • Old Buddha Temple
  • Singapore Flyer
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Marina Bay Stand Sky Park
  • Universal Studios
  • Raffles Hotel
  • Night Safari
  • China Town
  • Little India
  • Orchard Road

Where to stay:

Galaxy Tourism, the world’s leading tour operator, offers exciting Singapore packages with hotel accommodation for an unforgettable Singapore holiday.


Hotel Packages for Singapore

From luxurious hotels to budgeted hotels, Singapore has a lot to offer for the accommodation of the visitors; according to the requirement of them. You can easily book best hotels at affordable prices through Galaxy Tourism for a stress free holidays.


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