Top 10 Destinations to visit in Malaysia

Malaysia is the best holiday destination to visit which is considered as a melting pot with different customs, traditions, cuisines and religions. There is no other place better than Malaysia which gives you a glimpse of all the cultures at a single platform. Its highlands, rainforests and uniqueness can’t be found anywhere else. It has many amazing architecture that concentrates on cultural, historic and natural attractions which are most liked by the travellers. It gives an insight of the different customs and tradition which gives an ample opportunities to the visitors to enjoy the life.

  1. Kuala Lumpurkuala-lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the well-known capital city of Malaysia that has impressive skyscrapers, glittering skyline, buildings and malls. It features distinctive architecture and a busy tourist hub which is liked by the locals as well as travellers. A modern metropolis which is a charming and graceful city that takes you to enjoy the prominent beauty of the Petronas Twin tower, Kuala Lumpur gallery, Batik centre, theme parks and many more.

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  1. Genting Highlandsgenting-highlands

Genting Highlands has myriad range of attractions including indoor and outdoor theme park, valley views and shopping centres. The best holiday destination fills you with lots of fun as it hosts activities like roller coaster, shading boats and casino games. It gives opportunities to enjoy at the sky venture and recreational activities with the safety equipment.

  1. Cameron highlandcameron-highland

Cameron highland is the oldest tourist destination with lush-greenery, wildlife, lakes, forests and sprawling tea plantation. A green area stands above the sea level is a small district in Penang which takes you to explore vegetable market, honey bee farm, strawberry farm and also cactus garden. The elements are open to the public where golfers find the pictorials golf course.

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  1. Johor Bahrujohor-bahru

Johor Bahru is the tourist destination with amusement parks, mosques and a Hindu temple decorated with glass. It attracts visitors from diverse culture where you find royal family crowns, antique handicrafts and unique buildings. It showcases art and craft, natural fabrics and Batik painting where you will visit Moorish style building with largest recreational parks and food outlets. Visitors can enjoy the numerous activities such as jungle trekking, fishing, snorkelling and many more.

  1. Melakamelaka

One of the greatest trading port which is a popular tourist destination with many historic attractions. It is a famous gateway to enjoy the sea breeze as there are cafes, pubs and restaurants which gives you a glimpse of the Malay and Chinese culture. The place gives you a chance to experience the Peranakan museum and Melaka Zoo.

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  1. Selangorselangor

Selangor is the main tourist attraction with many shopping malls, local food and water parks which also gives you an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities like Skytrex adventure and Bungee jumping which are liked by the lovers of adventure. Selangor also has enormous theme parks, an indoor snow park, various attractive sites and beaches that gives an incredible experience to the visitors.

  1. Penangpenang

Penang is a popular destination with colourful array of cultures, architecture and cuisine as it is also considered a food capital with beautiful coasts. A trading port that is enriched with Chinese, Malay and Indian culture which offers panoramic views of the city. It takes you to walk around the capital city with British colonial architecture and historic Chinese which includes museum, turtle sanctuary, stunning temples and beaches.

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  1. Taman Negarataman-negara-malaysia

Taman Negara is reputed as the oldest tropical rainforest with popular ecotourism and adventure. It provides shelter to many locals and exotic species of animals and birds species that include leopards, water dragons, tigers, Asian Elephants and Rhinos. It is considered as a natural paradise which takes you to experience the adventure at the most protected area.

  1. Langkawilangkawi-malaysia

Langkawi is an Island which takes you to white sandy beaches for leisure and fun at the sandy beaches. Plenty of activities for the nature and adventure lovers where you also see the birds of prey such as eagle or kite. Langkawi has developed completely with resorts, hotels, restaurants and other tourists’ attractions. One of the best place to explore the beauty of the rural countryside at the rainforests, mangroves and mountains.

Popular Attractions in Malaysia

  1. George Towngeorge-town-malaysia

George Town is a place of multiple cultures with colonial architecture. An authentic Asian atmosphere can be seen at the best historical cities which is influenced by the modern metropolis. It’s a trading hub which is known for the British Colonial Buildings, shop-houses and mosques. A modern city with sky scrapers that combines the distinct, indigenous and colonial architecture.


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