Amazing Adventure Tour in Singapore

Singapore is known for its diversity in the geographical as well as the cultural environment that consists a number of places to visit and get the best out of the country. A pleasant experience for the family, thrill seekers, individuals as well as honeymooners. All the diversities and adventurous opportunities make it the popular destination to witness the different region and their way of life. A place with a variety of natural and cultural attractions made it a world-renowned hotspot to increase the excitement. The adventure tour gives an unforgettable experience by making it a suitable place for the thrill seekers. Singapore is the most popular adventurous destination where you can observe the diverse species of flora and fauna. The amazing terminus provides facilities for the rock climbers, mountaineers and adventure seekers to enjoy in a friendly environment. A guided tour that explains the features of Singapore to enjoy the vacations whole-heartedly. Different places are available in Singapore which hosts adventurous activities.

Haw par Villa:


Haw Par Villa is the most adventurous place in Singapore that gives a thrilling experience to the visitors. The amazing tourist destination where 10 courts of hell showcase that how a sinner is punished after the death. A unique theme park where you find more than 1000 statues, 150 giant tableaux, man-made wonders, modern activities and tiger balm garden. Explore the Japanese watch tower, white snakes and a wishing well at Haw Par Villa which is also called as the Dragon world.

Best Attractions in Singapore 

Mega Zip Adventure Park:


Mega zip Adventure Park is a place where visitors are attached to an aerial rope to enjoy the real flight. The major concentration is to balance the ropes and scramble against the cargo nets where activities depend on the fitness level of a person. The park takes you over the jungle canopy and siloso beach to try the different courses of adventure and excitement.  An aerial obstacle course with a thrilling parachute landing allows visitors to perform the activity in a safe way after being attached to the cords.

Ifly Singapore:


Ifly is an indoor skydiving which helps the performer to overcome the fear of flight. A free-fall in the 10,000-meter indoor wind tunnel is considered as the best spot for skydiving. Located on the Sentosa Island, Ifly is the most adventurous indoor theme park which gives an experience of the real flight. The activity is performed under the guidance of the experienced trainers which needs no prior experience. Ifly helps visitors to overcome the fear and increase confidence.

Popular Adventure Activities in Singapore

Formula one:


Formula one circuit is the theme park to unleash the power of a Ferrari which is the most exciting outdoor activity in Singapore. Located at the Marina Bay sands Hotel, the theme park provides the opportunities for the visitors to enjoy in Singapore. Singapore hosts a night-time event in Formula One with the city’s famous skyline which is a truly spectacular backdrop. Established as one of the most dramatic and atmospheric races which broadcast a convenient time and ensures the safety of the spectators. The most stringent safety protocol accommodates more than 80,000 spectators.

Adventure Cove Water Park:


Adventure cove water Park is divided into 14 themed zones that include a tropical rainforest. The water park provides the opportunity of snorkeling over a coral reef with 20,000 fishes to feel the rushing down of the hydro-magnetic coaster. A journey down the Adventure River at the Sentosa Island which is a major tourist spot to enjoy the activities in Singapore. The magnificent spot hosts thrilling rides and aqua-creational activities which surely excites the visitors.

Theme Parks in Singapore

Forest Obstacle:


Forest obstacle is an amazing adventurous activity in which you find your inner Tarzan by passing through the obstacles to the wobbly logs and hanging nets. At the theme park, many adventurous activities are organized which excites the visitors to give them a thrilling experience. In this, an amazing Zip line is attached in the jungle to take you to fly over the reservoir. The outdoor adventure to enjoy the pleasant and memorable time that gives an experience to the curious spectators.

Reverse Bungee:


Reverse Bungee is one of the best adventurous spots in Singapore where a performer has to reach the height of 60 meters. The activity is organized at the Clarke quay and offers a memorable time to jump with a speed of 200Km/h. The activity requires the gravitational force where exciting outdoor activity is meant to faint the heart of the performer.

Singapore Adventure Tours

Night Safari:


Singapore night safari is also an adventurous activity to experience the nocturnal habitats & notice the activities of the night creatures. A chance to mingle with different habitats and click a photograph with your favorite animal. Observe the activities of more over 2500 nocturnal animals which make your trip fantastic and provide an amazing experience.

Indoor Surfing:


Enjoy the Indoor surfing at the wave house Sentosa where you enjoy to ride the waves with a small board attached to the feet. An activity to enjoy in Singapore with the family that offers a thrilling and exciting experience. Indoor surfing gives a pleasant time to walk with the waves where a performer has to slip and move in the surfing to enjoy the wide variety of recreational watersports activities. An entertainment venue with two wave attractions and lifestyle venue that offers the opportunity to enjoy in the waves.

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Shootout at night:


Shootout at night is the amazing activity, organized at the largest paintball arena to experience the shoot. Red dynasty Paintball Park is designed with the shooting gallery, two scenario based fields and night sessions that give a fantastic experience to the visitors. The theme park consists the shooting area and paintball store where highly trained staff assists you time to time.




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