Fun Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a part of the modern Islamic metropolis that brings together the people of different culture, region and trade. It consists a perfect mixture of activities and fun that suits the taste of every person to make your trip worth. The enjoyment of the amazing city surely light up your mood and rejuvenates your memories. The amazing tourist spot offers plenty of opportunities for you to forget your worries and enjoy the hassle-free vacations. Dubai has a wide variety of parks and gardens which give a chance to the visitors to enjoy the company of nature. Different kinds of fun things to do in Dubai make the trip unique and exciting.

Dubai Tour Packages

Fun for family and kids

Dubai boasts amazing activities & attractions which make it a cynosure for the family and kids. The enjoyment opportunities are designed especially to give a pleasant experience and rejuvenate the memories of the visitors. Unlimited fun for the family and kids at the indoor theme parks which requires no prior experience.

  • Dubai Aquarium:


Dubai Aquarium is a huge manmade creation that houses different aquatic creatures and gives visitors a chance to swim with them. The aquarium provides shelter for fish of different size, shape and species.

  • Kidzania: Kidzania is an amazing indoor theme Park located in Dubai Mall where you can find recreational activities for the kids that help them to fulfil their dream profession.
  • Snow Park:Snow Park in Dubai is the amazing coolest manmade attraction in Dubai where you can enjoy with your family. The place takes you away from the heat of Dubai to enjoy the real Penguins show, snowboarding, skating and more. At the snow park, clothing and equipment are provided to the visitors on a rental
  • Sega Republic: The Sega Republic is an amazing indoor theme park with more over 15 attractions and 170 games that include a roller coaster, shooting and video games. It provides thrilling and exciting experience to all age persons.
  • Ifly:


Ifly is an amazing indoor theme park which provides you with an amazing experience of real flight. The activity is performed under the guidance of the professionals to help you in free-flying like a bird. Ifly is the amazing activities to reduce the fear of height and increase confidence.

Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai has many amazing wonders to see during your trip that present bird’s eye views and provide a never ending experience to the visitors. Spectacular places to visit in Dubai make it the top-notch holiday spot for enjoying the time in an exciting way.

  • Burj Khalifa: – Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower with an observation deck on the 124th floor that presents stunning views of the city. The tower looks beautiful during the day as well as nighttime in the sparkling lights of the amazing colourful fountain which is located at the bottom of the tower. The major tourist spot seems really impressive and gives a chance to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery.
  • Burj Al Arab: –


Burj Al Arab is the luxurious 7-star hotel, designed in the sail-shaped boat. Located on the man-made Island, the amazing architecture of Dubai provides an opportunity to experience fine dining, drink and best accommodation.

  • Dubai Mall: –


Dubai mall is one of the biggest shopping malls with many food outlets, shopping stores and Kids’ club. It provides a chance to the visitors to explore the latest fashion brands, tastes delicious cuisines and enjoys exciting activities.

  • Gold Souk: – Gold souk is the superior attraction in Dubai which takes you to explore the latest designed jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings at reasonable prices.
  • Palm Jumeirah: – Palm Jumeirah is the magnificent man-made Island, designed in the shape of a palm tree where you find amazing architecture such as Atlantis Hotel, parks, restaurants, beaches and more.

 Events & Activities

The spectacular tourist spot hosts a wide range of events and activities that are organised to give an enthralling experience to the travellers.

Popular Attractions in Dubai

  • Desert Safari: Desert Safari is the opportunity to ride in the golden sand of the desert with the beautiful scenery of the sunrise or sunset. Musical nights with live dance performances, flavoured shisha piping, BBQ dinner and Henna Tattooing which is the most liked by the travellers. A chance to enjoy photographic opportunity in the traditional Arabic costume with a falcon on your arms.
  • Dhow Cruise: – Dhow cruise is the palatial activity of fine dining at the floating restaurants with a glass of wine under the sparkling stars. A wooden dhow with upper deck for the enjoyment of the travellers and a lower deck with an air-conditioned cabin for leisure that gives you a pleasant experience.
  • Water-sports:-


Explore many water-sports recreational activities like snorkelling, fishing, jet skiing,scuba diving, flyboarding and more. The thrilling activities are the most liked by the lovers of adventure seekers and make it the best spot for them.

  • The Fountain Show: –


The fountain show in Dubai is performed at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa that consists many colourful projector lights and dances to the tune of the music. The fountain rises very high and presents the magnificent scenery in 30 minutes free show.

  • Mountain Safari: Mountain safari is the most adventurous activity for the thrill seekers to enjoy in Dubai. Ride over the mountains with the enjoyment of trekking, quad biking, cycling and mount climbing. Take a site map and a water bottle while going on Mountain Safari for the unlimited fun and excitement.

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