Best Outdoor Activities in Dubai


Dubai is an amazing tourist destination in the Middle East that consists magnificent architecture, high skyscrapers, Island and desert. A perfect spot for the adventurous activities which are performed here in abundance. Dubai is an entertainment hub which attracts visitors to a fascinating journey. An exciting destination for the extreme adventure which is recognized to give the best and awesome services to the visitors at affordable prices

Here is a list of the best outdoor activities in Dubai that gives a thrilling experience to the visitors.

Splendid Dubai Desert Safari:-


Desert Safari is the fantastic landscape that takes you on a splendid journey in the Golden sand in Dubai. Safari ride, Camel ride and mountain safari takes you to feel the glorious beauty of the red sand dunes. Enjoy the live performances, exotic music, flavored shisha piping and delicious Arabic Food. Overnight safari is such an amazing activity to enjoy the night under the sparkling stars while enjoying belly dance, Tanura Dance, Henna Tattooing and also BBQ dinner.

Desert Safari Dubai

Shop in Dubai at best prices:-


Dubai tour indulges you in the opulent beauty as well as the best shopping experience which can’t be missed in life. Dubai has many malls and specialized markets that sell the best products at affordable prices. Visitors can do shopping at the malls and souks that deal in different products like gold, spices, perfumes, fruits and vegetables. A shopping festival is also organized in Dubai in the months of winters that give plenty of shopping and enjoyment opportunities. Farmer market in Dubai opens on every Saturday that sells pure honey, organic goods, spices and also bread.

Top 10 Places to Shop in Dubai

Beautiful Boat Trips at Dubai Marina:-


Dubai marina is a magnificent waterfront area to witness the alluring and shimmering beauty of the place in a boat. The small private boat takes you to view the surrounding areas of Dubai Marina. The ride leaves you with the enticing experience while visiting the iconic Atlantis and many other famous sights on a boat. A bustling center of the largest waterfront area that presents that amazing scenery to keep you entertained all the time. It’s a perfect landscape with plenty of restaurants, cafes, shops, bars and spa centers to give an unforgettable experience for the visitors.

Dubai Marina Walk  Tours

Watch a movie under the Stars at Wafi Rooftop:-


Dubai has many theaters to watch a movie and spend time there. Apart from all the theaters, Wafi rooftop in Dubai is really an amazing man made creation which is designed with the proper seating arrangements. Watch a movie under the stars at the wafi rooftop which gives a special experience to the visitors. A wide selection of movies from classical to blockbusters that offer you a relaxed and pleasant evening with lots of enjoyment. The event at Wafi is free of cost and you need to do hurry to take your seat.

10 Best Rooftop Bars in Dubai

Adventure in a Balloon:-


To indulge you in the amazing experience while flying over the desert in a hot air Balloon which takes you high in the sky. Observe the magnificent sun-rising views, safari ride, camel ride and quad bike. During the ride, all types of precautions and safety instructions are provided to you for a safe experience. Early morning is the best time to enjoy the balloon safari which gives a pleasant experience to your family and friends. It’s an adventurous activity which must be avoided by the small kids and the persons having back problem.


UAE Adventure Tour

Have fun at the Aqua-venture Water Park :-


Aqua-venture Water Park is a combination of lost chamber aquarium and Marine animal creature that boasts of incredible adventurous rides, water sports activities and much more. The water park blows your mind and takes you to the exotic marine life where you can also enjoy scuba diving, swimming with aquatic creatures and enjoy plenty of water rides.

Dubai Aquarium & Under Water Zoo

Golfing in the Creek Golf Yacht Club:-


Golf Yacht club is a most visiting place to experience golfing in Dubai. The Yacht club is located on the banks of Dubai Creek with the unique original concept of 5-star hotels, residential spaces, indigenous and exotic cuisines. The spectacular club takes you to the championship caliber where you will enjoy the games in the shimmering Dubai and majestic highways that give you a never ending experience.

Dubai Creek  Tour Packages

Mountain Biking:-


Mountain biking takes you on Hajar Mountain to enjoy the trip while riding along the lakes and the surrounding areas. The ride depends on your proficiency and expertise levels to take you along wadis, rocks, hilly areas and wildlife. The bike trial also gives you a glimpse of the exotic desert animals on the way. Mountain biking is the best option for enjoying rides that give a pleasant experience to the lovers of adventure.

Hajar Mountain Safari Tours

 Sky Diving:-


Dubai has amazing wonders and activities that give enticing experience to enjoy the adventurous rides in the desert. Jump from the height to experience the free fall with a view of the magnificent skyline, glittering golden sands and magnificent architecture. A thrilling experience that fills you with lots of fun with the amazing views of palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

Top 10 Most Exciting Adventure Activities in Dubai

 Enjoy Fishing:-


Dubai is the best destination to enjoy fishing, the amazing activity that leaves an alluring impression on the minds of the visitors. All fishing equipment are provided to you for the unforgettable experience. The tour takes you to the fishing shores where you can enjoy the activity with special techniques and equipment that assists you in finding the best.

Dubai Dolphinarium Show


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