Top 10 Things To Know About Dubai

Are you planning for a trip to Dubai? Before planning your trip to Dubai, it is mandatory to know about certain things that will surely help to make your trip comfortable and memorable. For a hassle free and happy trip, these points are to be kept in mind.


  1. The Best Season to visit :-

It’s a good idea to choose season before planning your trip. Winters are the best season to view the charm of Dubai which is also known as peak season in Dubai. Visit in the summer season if you want to be escaped from the crowd. Choose the season in such a way that you can enjoy all the activities, shopping and entertainment.

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  1. Entry Document :-

Before entering in Dubai, there will be proper verification of all the documents like Id, Visa and passport. You must have proper documentations as there are strict rules and without proper enquiry, you will not be allowed to enter in the City. It is good to take all the important documents in your personal carry-on bag so that you don’t have to feel any botheration later on. Then go for the currency exchange centre to convert your currency in Dirham.

  1. Transportation :-

There are best transportation facilities in Dubai for commuting. Sometimes during peak seasons, you have to wait for the buses and taxis as there is a huge crowd. It’s a good idea to carry a water bottle with you always to escape yourself from the sweating or dehydration. Transportation in Dubai includes Abra boat, taxis, Big bus, wonder bus and also metro. 


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  1. Hotel accommodation :-

Dubai has many luxury hotels which provide you best accommodation & fine dining with warm hospitality. It is good for you to carry a map of your designation where you want to accommodate.  Some hotels are located near the public beaches which give you enjoyment to see the wonders in Dubai and feel the waves of the Arabian Sea.


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  1. Respect of culture and tradition :

Most of the population in Dubai is from Islamic culture so during the time of Ramadan, it is advised not to eat, drink or smoke between sunrise and sunset at public places. Many of the hotels, restaurants and food courts are closed very soon during this month. Visitors are expected to respect the culture and tradition of Emirates.

  1. Dress Codes :-

There are no particular dress codes in Dubai as you can wear anything as per your choice. Everyone has to cover their head, arms as well as legs at the mosques which shows respect for the culture. Bikinis are commonly used by the females and males can wear shorts at the beach areas.


  1. Currency :

It is good to have some loose coins with you if you want to give tip, shop souvenirs or eat something in Dubai. Here, you find some taxis with little fare that charges very cheap amount for first few kilometers. Dubai has many shopping malls and souks which give you the best shopping experience. When you are in Dubai carry some cash and credit cards to enjoy there as there are many activities organised which are chargeable.

  1. Health & Insurance :-

Dubai is well-occupied government as well as private hospitals with professional doctors and emergency departments. Make a travel insurance before travelling so that you don’t have to pay cash if there is any emergency. There is no risk of health in Dubai as you find everywhere safe, healthy, hygienic and quality food at all the outlets. Only the major concern in Dubai about the heat that can cause dehydration, sunburn and heatstroke. 

  1. Opening hours and public holidays :–

Dubai follows the Islamic culture rather than western and there are 5 days working from Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday are considered as the holidays but Dubai metros are closed only on Friday morning. Some places are open for the visitors for the 24 hours. You find many shops and souks are closed in Dubai during lunch time. The opening hours for the pubs and bars are from 6 pm to midnight which gives amazing nightlife experience to the visitors. 


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  1. Crime, safety and the law :-

Dubai is a safe city where it never seems pick-pocketing, theft and any other crime. As there are strict rules in Dubai so you can’t take drugs in Dubai and also for the drinks you have to go the places that hold the license for selling liquors. If you find a person is doing any type of crime then there will be strict action against that person and he will not be able to escape from the law. For taking the medicines, you have to show the proper prescription from the doctor.


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